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Living from Awakened Cosciousness


They are questions humanity has asked since the beginning of time. But in the distraction of life, we can often move further away from the answer than towards it. We lose ourselves and end up identifying with our ego.

But in this surface existence, something is missing. You can feel it, can’t you? The yearning to be more real, true, complete? The desire to find out why you are here?

It is time to wake up.

“It is mind that is your sleep. You are sleeping either in the past or in the future. Both are ways of sleeping. When I say, ‘Wake up!’ again and again, when Buddha says, ‘Wake up!’ a simple phenomenon is indicated.
Come to the present.” – Osho


These retreats are about a radical change in perspective and a journey into self-inquiry and enlightenment. They are an exploration into your true nature and a process of discovery that helps you look deep into your heart and belly to see and feel what is preventing you from being who you really are and how to love fully and joyously.

While the Satori retreat and the Love Intensive are therapeutic, they are not therapy, and they don’t have the goal of finding temporary solutions to daily problems, even though they will give you a different perspective on those problems. These retreats aim to dissolve the identification with the ego, which is the only cause of problems.

Satori and the Love Intensive open and unsettle the mechanism that destroys the present by repeating the past, allowing you to liberate yourself from who you are not – your ego – and create an authentic self-experience. But most of all it is about love, the love you can have for yourself because you are all there is in every moment.


About the Retreat

Set in a nourishing environment deep in nature, the 7-day Satori retreat and the 4-day Love Intensive provide the opportunity to detox both physically and emotionally as you dive into your journey of self-discovery.

Daily contemplation assignments are designed and structured to supportively take you to the next step in your inner understanding and deepen your awareness. Through an intense, honest, open and compassionate inquiry you will meditate on existential questions like, “What is life? What is love? What is truth? What is beauty? What is surrender?” and others.

Throughout the retreats you will uncover how you abandon yourself with each person you are with and how your authentic self is compromised as you adapt to get love, approval, and recognition. No other process reveals so vividly the ‘games’ we continually play; Satori and the Love Intensive illuminate the way for real liberation and the embodiment of love.

What Can You Get Out of the Retreat

Apart from the obvious benefits of being in the moment, there are many other jewels hidden in this process such as:

  • Learning the art of listening and refining interpersonal communication
  • Becoming more perceptive in seeing and feeling yourself and others as you reconnect with your True Self
  • Experiencing your and others uniqueness and discovering the ways of Being
  • Learning to give space to yourself and others
  • Finding in yourself the capacity to manifest authentic leadership
  • Getting to know and speak your truth (independently of the image you carry)
  • Experiencing relaxation and joy which manifest as you connect deeper with yourself

As you move inside, the connection to your resources gets strengthened. You experience an infinite pool of creativity and Being. You gain courage to live life and your potential more fully.

Snapshots from Past Retreats

satori group

Satori ​​Retreat ​in Osho Nisarga, Dharamsala, India

satori moment

Satori ​​Retreat, Corfu, Greece – October 2017

satori enlightenment

Who Is In Retreat, at Swami’s Yoga Retreat, Sydney, Australia - April 2021

"Ten years have passed since I first met Avikal. Somebody talked to me about an intensive program. I don't exaggerate when I say that my first seven days Satori totally changed the awareness of myself and of my life. The understandings I had during and after the retreat showed a kind of quality and of clearness I had never known before."
Giancarlo Ghidesi CEO REM Tech, Italy
CEO REM Tech, Italy
"Every time I have done 'Satori', it was like an entrance door to remind myself, what it is that really gives my life meaning and depth, which I easily tend to forget in my busy daily working schedules. Being guided by the different koans is like pulling all the curtains aside, which are blocking the way for me to really look inside. As a Medical Doctor , mostly busy with problems of other people, in the beginning it is always a bit of a struggle for me to turn my focus inwards and face whatever is there. Just as in real life, moving through all the blissful ups and the depressing downs, at one point the balance of not being identified with the ups nor with the downs unfolds like an inexpressible relaxation."
Berthold Wehner
MD Germany
"My introduction to Avikal was a one-on-one session a few months after my partner died suddenly. Avikal's total presence gave me permission to show my confusion and grief, and he delivered simple and effective support. I have since completed the Satori Retreat and other Integral Being workshops. The first Satori was a delight, applying the technique diligently I encountered myself! Subsequent workshops enabled a deeper and more mindful approach to self-inquiry and self-realisation. Avikal's authenticity, integrity and commitment to this valuable work is unequivocal."
Shiree Thomas
Recruitment Consultant, Australia


avikal costantino

Avikal Costantino


Avikal is a mystic and an internationally renowned teacher and speaker on The Dimensions of Being (Essence), Enneagram, Martial Arts, Tantra and conflict management and resolution. As the founder and director of the Integral Being Institute which operates throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia, Avikal leads retreats like Satori, to help participants experience radical self-inquiry and live free of the filters of conditioning.

With more than 35 years experience in Zen and Advaita, Avikal has developed an original and innovative approach to the work with the Inner Judge, and his pursuit, love, and passion for the Truth is evident and accessible throughout his teachings. His direct, yet fresh, down-to-earth and insightful style facilitates awakening, helping you walk away knowing your true self.

Avikal is also the author of three books:



The 7-day Satori Retreat and the 4-day Love Intensive are held at Swami’s Yoga Retreat, located in North West Sydney. It’s only 50 minutes by car from the CBD. Enjoy the calm and peaceful accommodations and facilities set on 60 acres (24 hectares) of natural vegetation. Prices include all meals and accommodation in a double room.

The maximum number of participants will be 30.

Next Retreat
The Love Intensive

Date:  20th to the 24th of September 2023
Time: from 7.30pm of the 20th to 1pm of the 24th
Venue: Swami’s Yoga Retreat, 183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst, NSW 2156, Australia


New Participants

$1,450 full price
Early bird: $1,250 (fully paid by August 15th, 2023)

Past Participants

$1,200 full price
Early bird: $1,050 (fully paid by August 15th, 20230

There is no greater discovery to be made in life than the discovery of your true self. Start your journey in awakening today.

Video Testimonials

What do past participants have to say about Satori?

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Venue: Swami’s Yoga Retreat, 183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst, NSW 2156, Australia
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